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  • The actual simplest way to obtain a new SSL Certificate is straight from your very own Website Control Panel. You do not have to create a brand new account with an additional organization and waste your time waiting for days to weeks for the SSL to be provided – everything happens in seconds.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • In case your domain name is hosted in an account with us, you’ll be able to decide to have your SSL certificate automatically set up. Our smart system is to deal with most of the hard work and you won’t have to endure any kind of manual installs.

  • 24x7 Suport
  • 24x7 Support

  • We offer 24x7 support with each of our web hosting services. Our assistance skilled engineers have a lot of knowledge working with SSL and are happy to assist you with any difficulty that one can come upon. They also have a typical reaction time frame of well under 20 mins!

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year
Regular SSL $19.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00

SSL with Teknocalli Clouding and Hosting

If you’re looking to easily get an SSL certificate for one’s web site, then you are at the best place to do so. From Teknocalli Clouding and Hosting, you can find your spanking new SSL certificate from your own hosting control panel, and never have to go to a third–party web site. In the event your web site is hosted inside the same account, additionally, you can have your SSL certificate set up effortlessly. Zero manual installation or configuration are necessary from you.

We have a long–time affiliation with many of the finest SSL Certificate suppliers out there with the aim to present you with SSL that are not simply effortless to set up, but really protected. Our SSL comes with a true 2048–bit data encryption and, furthermore features a $10 000 USD warranty.

Apart from the ordinary SSL, at Teknocalli Clouding and Hosting we also feature Wildcard SSL. They are quite handy if you wish to secure numerous host names in parallel. Having a Wildcard SSL certificate, you could shield lots of hostnames, with no need to go for one certificate for each and every of them.

You can purchase an SSL certificate any time with each of our web hosting services – shared website hosting, VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers.

Whois Privacy Protection

Don’t concern yourself about your online data

The WHOIS info associated with your domain name will become publicly visible to everyone after the registration process itself. You will be able to dodge that by enabling an Whois Privacy Protection service for your domain name. With it, your own personal or business info, including your name, e–mail address and street address, will be replaced with fictitious info. To Whois Privacy Protect your domain name, simply choose the domain name and click on the Whois Privacy Protection button to request the activation of this service.

This service is available with most of the universal and country–specific domains that we offer. Have a closer look at the TLD information page on our site to learn which domains are Whois Privacy Protection–eligible.

Whois Privacy Protection

Wildcard Domains

Activate wildcard domains with a click

With the Wildcard feature available in the Domain Manager, you can make all the hosts that you have under a certain domain name load the main page of your website.

This feature can be very useful when you need to install a multisite application on your site, or when you want a specific subdomain to point to the index page of your web site.

You’ll be able to add a wildcard domain name with merely a click of the mouse from the Control Panel–integrated Domain Manager tool. All you have to do is press the Add Host button located on the right and you will see the Wildcard option at the bottom of the dialogue box.

Wildcard Domains

Simple WHOIS Control

WHOIS management designed simple

When registering a domain name, you must provide precise WHOIS information as well as to keep it up to date constantly. If you need to change your email or postal address, or in case you mean to transfer the domain name to somebody else, you can do that via the Domain Manager interface.

Simply click on the Edit WHOIS button beside the domain in question and then change the corresponding registrant, admin and technical information. After you click the Update button, the modifications will be momentarily updated online.

Simple WHOIS Control

Domain Locking

Stop your domain name from being relocated

With the Registrar Lock option activated, you can rest assured that your domain is protected from cyber robbery. Any person who initiates an unsolicited domain transfer will be automatically stopped and the domain transfer request – declined.

In case, at a certain point, you decide to transfer your domain name to a different domain name registrar, you will be able to unlock it with a single click. You will find the domain locking/unlocking functionality in the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel.

Domain Locking
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  • .CAFE - $36.49/year
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